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welcome to brena's breakthroughs.

brena's breakthroughs is a multifaceted lifestyle brand on a mission to be timeless, radiant, and  relevant on all fronts. these three words have their own definitions, but what do they mean in the context of THIS brand? 


this brand strives to be more than the latest hashtag or social media challenge. the goal is to live a life and put out content that will stand the test of time, while sharing lessons that will stay with you as you live life.


this world can be dark enough as is, so I want to do my part to be a light in the midst of that. simple.


I’m still learning how to be relevant to myself and claim my space, and I want to encourage all of you to do the same. In doing this, I’ve been having tough but necessary conversations with myself (and my therapist) and I want to share some of those highlights on this website — whether it’s specific to my identity as a Black woman, a medical student, or just a 20-something navigating life.

So if you strive to be as timeless as a rose, as radiant as a sunflower, or as relevant as the oxygen they provide, subscribe below and join the brena's breakthroughs family! 

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