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​i created several different handouts and one workbook to help us stay on track and have a form of accountability in different areas of life. right now, these resources focus on finances, academics, planning, and self-care. i use them myself, so believe me, they're helpful. i prefer downloading them on my iPad to use them digitally, but you can print them as well. 

bougie on a budget workbook.

who said you can't be in your bag and on a budget at the same time? this monthly workbook was created to give some tools you my need to manage you finances over a one-month time frame.

monthly money journal.

this handout is designed to help track daily spending one month at a time. it is designed to track where and how money is spent and daily account balances to help you know where your money is actually going. ​

weekly self-care check-in.

​one of my personal goals is to get better with taking care of myself holistically. this handout includes a series of questions I ask myself to check-in with where I am and how I'm doing.​

don't pour from an empty cup.


writing out the demands of the week is one of the first steps to making sure business is being taken care of. this handout divides weekly demands into four categories in order to see where specific tasks lie. 

budget sheet.

​plan how you'll spend your money before it gets to you. this handout can be used to track expected costs, actual costs, due dates, and completion status for various expenses in a given time period.

goal tracker.

​in my post #GrabAPen, I discussed goal-setting. this handout was designed to help get goals on paper and map out some practical steps that need to be taken in order to achieve them.  ​

grade tracker.

a lot of my readers are in college, so I wanted to design something to help them put more of their academic success into their own hands. this handout is designed to help track types, due dates, and grades of assignments.

weekly to-do list.

​I plan the week ahead by making a to-do list. this handout is a traditional to-do list that includes a section for the week's top priorities and space to write different weekly words of encouragement.

posts from another blog.

here I'm going to share links to two of my favorite blog posts from The Boss Life Brand. I love the website as a whole and really look up to the boss behind the brand a lot, but I'm only going to share two of the blog posts here. These two posts really check me when I need it while pushing me to keep doing what I need to do. I love these post so much that I have them printed and on my desk. Yeah, it's that serious.