meet brena.

Sebrena is an introvert with an extrovert’s lifestyle who has a love for all things Black and bougie. She is a proud HBCU alumna and is currently a second year medical student. Her ultimate career goal is to become a physician whose purpose is to advocate, educate, and cultivate in spaces for those who are consistently overlooked and underrepresented in the scientific and medical arenas.

Outside of her academic and career aspirations, two of her biggest goals are to help others feel seen and leave a legacy of excellence and mentorship for those coming behind her. It's important to her to work to get the door open for herself, but it is even more important to her to keep that door open for others. She knows what it’s like to not feel seen or represented, so she strives to use her platform to help others know their lives matter. She still wouldn’t consider herself an “influencer”, but she hopes that in being transparent and sharing the highs and lows on the way to becoming the best version of herself, she can encourage others in their respective journeys.

Simply put, she strives to live a life that is timeless, radiant, and relevant in a way that touches the lives of people she may never come in contact with, and she hopes this space serves as an avenue for that impact. 

“If you never allow yourself to become the example, you’re going to be the status quo.” - Yvonne Orji