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melanated mentors.

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this section of the website will be me putting y'all on to my virtual support system. i also follow a bunch of different accounts of instagram, twitter, and youtube run by beautiful black people (mostly women)  to help keep me going.  i'm pretty sure i came across all of these accounts through my explore page or a different account i follow on instagram, so shoutout to that algorithm for doing its thing. these pages are geared toward medicine (or medicine and dentistry), but i also follow some pages that are for women in STEM. i strongly believe that you can't be what you don't see, so i make an effort to expose myself to people who are doing what i want to do, or at least something similar. if y'all know some other good accounts to follow, put me on so I can share it with the people!

a picture is worth a thousand words.

the image above is part of a story that went viral toward the end of 2019. a group of Black medical students from Tulane University had the idea to go to a nearby plantation and take pictures in their white coats. if that isn't a reminder that we are our ancestors' wildest dreams, I don't know what is. for more information, read the story here.

social media mentors.

​i may never meet these people in real life, but they are part of my journey because they remind me that this is not impossible.

​if any of y'all ever come across this, thank you so much.


Dr. Sandra Coker & Black Girl White Coat | Instagram and YouTube

Dr. Sandra Coker just graduated from medical school after matching at her first choice residency. She is also the founder of the nonprofit organization, Black Girl White Coat. Both her personal and organization Instagram accounts are sources of motivation for me in this journey. She is also very transparent about her journey in the vlogs on her YouTube channel. 

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Dr. Michelle Adibe & Melanin Coated | Instagram and YouTube

In my head, me and Michelle are definitely friends. She's real, she's stylish, she's funny, and we both share a love of planning. She was actually the person who put me on this digital planning kick and I'm obsessed. I love how interactive and transparent she is on her pages and how she doesn't always feel the need to make things "pretty" all the time. She also hits on how important her faith is to her in everything, and that's something I can relate to fully. She also has a YouTube channel with her most recent videos being about how she studies and must have resources to succeed in med school. Lastly, she is the founder of Melanin Coated, a brand focused on celebrating all things melanin in medicine. Check out her pages here.

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The Chocolate Docs | YouTube, Instagram, & Twitter

The Chocolate Docs are two residents, Jessica and Nneka, who went to medical school in Texas. I absolutely love their accounts. I don't remember when I started following them, but I think they came up as a suggestion on YouTube and I instantly subscribed. In their videos, you can tell they have authentic spirits and really wanna help people. It's comforting and encouraging. They have a video for just about anything you could have questions about during the actual application and interview process, but they also have videos about their current experiences. I haven't watched all of the videos yet, but I'm working on it and y'all should too. Check them out on Twitter and Instagram as well.