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Hey y'all. These last couple weeks have been a little crazy and for a while I was going back and forth about what I wanted to blog about, but I'm back. Since my last post was a lot to take in, I wanted to keep it a little lighter for this one. If you’ve been to the "My Faves" page on this website, then you've seen my running list of favorite podcasts, and this post is going to dive in to some of them a little deeper. When I listen to podcasts, I use the Apple Podcasts app but if you aren't on Team iPhone, they are available on other platforms like Google Play, Spotify, or Soundcloud. I listen to podcasts all the time. The podcast bug bit me about a year and a half to two years ago, and I've been listening to them ever since. I listen to them all the time for any reason, sometimes more than I watch TV. Sometimes it's for pure entertainment, but they've also been part of my self-care regimen. I listen to them A LOT while I'm doing work because I'm less likely to get distracted by silence, and I also get bored with listening to the same music all the time. They're perfect for when I'm driving because I don't zone out like I sometimes do when I'm listening to music. It's like I'm part of a conversation, so I'm more likely to pay attention. I'm not going to rank these in any particular order, I'm just going to mention them as they come to me. There are a good bit of them, so I'm gonna keep it simple. The Read

This podcast is hosted by Kid Fury and Crissle West. They're based in New York, but often travel to do live shows and host parties and other events. I started listening to them about a year ago after being put on by a fellow Claflinite, and now I cannot wait for Thursdays. My anticipation for new episodes every Thursdays matches the anticipation I had for Thursdays when Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder came on back-to-back. Needless to say, I've listened to every episode since I started. The only reason I didn't go back to the beginning and start from there was because of how long they've been doing this. Kid Fury and Crissle have been doing this podcast for several years, and throughout that time they've talked about a plethora of topics. They usually open the show with some kind of trivia, which usually ranges from song lyrics to movie and TV quotes. Then the move to the "Black Excellence" segment of the show where they shout out a Black person that is somewhere doing something great for the betterment of the Black community. In the pop culture segment, they talk about a little bit of everything. They talk about things going on in government, Hollywood, music, society, and just pop culture altogether. They discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly in a way that is equally informative and entertaining. After this segment they go into Listener Letters, which is basically their version of an advice column. They offer their opinions on a wide variety of topics, some more hilarious than others. Sometimes this segment feeds into a segment called "Crissle's Couch" or just "The Couch", when the question is specifically related to mental health. Sometimes they get letters from therapists or those seeking therapy, and one thing I really appreciate about this podcast is how they normalize mental illness and treatment for them. They know many people struggle with similar conditions and don't hesitate to share pieces of their stories with their audience. The final segment of the show is the namesake of the podcast, "The Read". In this segment, they pick a person or group of people and read them for whatever filth they may have done that week. It's always within good reason. The issues vary in severity, but are always of some significance or humorous. Sometimes they pass the read, meaning they read a letter submitted by a listener written in a similar fashion to the reads the hosts deliver. I absolutely love this podcast and would recommend it to anyone. I'd just say be careful about how/where you listen because sometimes they say things that are NSFW and other times they say things that will make you want to burst into a full cackle. Black Girl Podcast

This is the first podcast I started listening to on a regular basis, so it holds a special place in my heart. This podcast is hosted by 5 Black women in their mid-late 20s and early 30s who have their own thoughts, personalities, and passions. Their names are Gia, Scottie, Alysha, Bexx, and Sapphira. They are also based in NY for the most part, but all 5 ladies aren't on every episode. Sometimes there are schedule conflicts and a few of the ladies have other obligations, but all 5 women are present on most of the episodes. They are friends who met years ago and they're each relatable in their own ways. I will say, out of the 5 of them, I do have two favorites that I feel I relate to the most, but I love all five of them. They're like the big sisters I've never had, so I'm always looking forward to a new episode. They are very rooted in their purpose of being a safe space for Black women, and they offer five different perspectives on what Black womanhood is. They have real conversations. Like real friends, they don't always agree, but when they don't, they listen to what the differing opinions are. This podcast isn't as structured as "The Read" is in terms of an episode schedule or show structure, but each episode is its own gem. They start by giving updates on where they are in life, and then they bounce from topic to topic. Sometimes they have an agenda for the episode, and sometimes they just talk and let the conversation go where it may. They talk about their lives, coming into themselves and their womanhood, self-care, pop culture, society, basically anything you'd talk about with your closest friends. I've listened to every episode (except the latest one), and I've loved seeing and hearing about their journeys to themselves as I am on my own. I strongly believe anyone who listens to this podcast can connect to at least one of these women in one way or another. Gettin' Grown

This podcast is also one I started listening to last summer. I had listened to a few episodes before that, but summer 2018 was when I started listening more consistently. It's hosted by two women, Jade and Keia, who get together every week via FaceTime and talk about all things adulting. Again, they're like big sisters I don't have but they're in their mid-30s so they're a little older than the BGP crew. New episodes are typically released on Tuesdays, and all of the episodes have a similar structure. After they have brief updates, they start with their pop culture segment called "The Trash" where they talk about different things that have happened since the last time they recorded. After "The Trash" they have the "Shout Out to My Sis" segment, where they highlight Black women who are doing big things for other Black people. During graduation season, they also read graduation announcements and shoutouts for people from kindergarten up to PhDs, MDs, and JDs. Their segment "Kitchen Table Talk" is where they talk about a specific topic they decided on for the week. These topics vary according to what may be going on in society or what they decide they want to talk about for that week. That's typically where the name for each episode comes from. After "Kitchen Table Talk", the ladies transition into the segment called "Honesty Box". This is the segment where they give advice to listeners that write in to them. Like the other podcasts I've mentioned, each of these women have their own perspective when discussing various topics and when it comes to giving advice to their listeners. The final segment of the show is "Petty Peeves" where they discuss things people do that irk them. These are almost always amusing, but the severity varies between the ladies and between episodes. They close every episode by reminding us to drink our water and moisturize because our Black WILL crack if it's dry, and I love it. Jesus and Jollof

This podcast is pretty new, so I've been riding with this one since the beginning. When I first heard this was coming out, I instantly knew I'd love it because Yvonne Orji is one of my favorite famous people. She is rooted in her faith, and like me, she is abstaining from sex until she is married. Ever since I saw her TEDTalk called "The Wait is Sexy", I have looked up to her. She and her friend Luvvie Ajayi started this podcast and named it after their two favorite things, Jesus and jollof. Listening to them really makes me wish I was Nigerian. They're hilarious. Their episodes are usually shorter than the other podcasts I listen to, but they are still worth every second. They talk about the ups and downs of adulting, things they hope to achieve, and things they wished somebody told them before they got grown. They usually have a particular topic for each episode, and the conversation flows from there. Sometimes topics are heavy, other times they talk about thing adults need to know about, like buying their first home, for example. They usually release new episodes every other Wednesday, but sometimes that changes or they add bonus episodes or live shows. I'm excited to see where this podcast goes in the future, and I enjoy listening to their equally humorous and sound advice. Therapy for Black Girls

If you've been reading the blog posts for a while, then you know I've been struggling with anxiety and depression for a while and I don’t have a therapist YET. I'm still working on it, but until I get one, I listen to different episodes of this podcast. It's hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed psychologist based in Atlanta. This podcast is focused on improving the overall mental health and wellness of Black women through the discussion of various topics that impact our daily lives. She also brings in other professionals who may have specialties and feature them in conversations on various episodes. This isn't one of the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis, but it needs to be and I'm going to be integrating it more into my rotation. She also has an amazing website featuring a therapist directory of Black female therapists by state. I definitely have to do some more listening and explore the website some more, so I'll either update this post or write up something else after I do. Forward City Church

I listen to this podcast when I need to feed my spirit. When I'm away at school and I go to church, I usually go to Forward City Church because it's in Columbia, so it's not far away. My spirit feels at home there. Pastor Travis and his wife Pastor Jackie are very insightful and I love the atmosphere of their church. When I don't make it to Columbia or I want to hear something again, I go to the podcast. It's the same sermon, the only differences really come from which service they actually recorded. When I go back to listen, I always catch something I missed the first time, so I tend to make mental notes or write things down when I can. In addition to finding episodes in the Podcasts app, they also upload the podcasts and videos of the sermons to the FWD City app. It's free in the app store too. My spiritual relationship with God is definitely important to me, especially with where I am in life right now, so having this technology available is definitely key to helping me maintain that. The Potter's House at One LA

​I love Sarah Jakes Roberts. Period. But y'all know that already. This is another podcast I listen to when I need to feed my spirit. This is her and her husband's church, and no disrespect to the Man of God, but I go to this podcast to listen to her specifically. Now, I know she has her own podcast called Woman Evolve, and I listen to it from time to time, but she doesn't preach on there. At least not on the episodes I've listened to, but I'll probably start listening again. She is a powerful woman who always says something that connects with wherever I am. I STAN. I love her personality. She's fairly young, so she's not out of touch. I feel like she gets me, and I feel like that type of connection is important to have when you listen to or watch someone with the hopes of them pouring into your spirit and helping you grow. Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead and wrap this up here. This post was longer than I thought it would be, but I hope I was able to put y'all on. Give me some feedback. Give me some other suggestions of podcasts I should check out or the ones you keep in your library. I have a busy summer ahead of me and a lot of time to listen to podcasts and be productive. I'll drop links to the websites for all of these below. Happy summer! Live life. Be great. Flourish.

Links The Read | Podcast Website Black Girl Podcast | Soundcloud Getting' Grown | Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud Jesus and Jollof |Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud Therapy for Black Girls | Full Website Forward City Church | Podcast Website The Potter's House at One LA | Apple Podcasts or Podcast Website

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