original post date - july 22, 2019 #Summer19 - Hot Girl Summer Simon says click the button and read this blog post. In this post, I talk about what being a Hot Girl and having a Hot Girl summer has meant to me so far. ​Summer '19 has been one for the books. Personally, I'm more of a Hot Girl that a City Girl, and now that my MCAT is over, my Hot Girl Summer is finally starting. The Hot Girl movement was started by Megan Thee Stallion, and if you don't know who she is then you need to go look her up. Ever since I started seeing/hearing about Meg, I've loved her. She's fun, she's a baddie with a natural body, she makes good music, she's not problematic, and she's an HBCU student. My hope is that she's here for a good time and a long time because I get nothing but positive vibes from her, and that's something we all need. She wants all of her fans to live their best lives and channel their inner Hot Girl or Hot Boy. For the people who don't know what that means, she took to Twitter to define it.

​I totally agree with her. Hot Girl Summer has nothing to do with the fake competition that the Hot Boys/City Boys have created. Nobody is keeping score. It's about women having a good time and doing what they want to do. Dassit. Dasall. This summer has been something else, but my Hot Girl Summer is finally here. To me, being a Hot Girl is about being unapologetically on my shit. I'm in the midst of preparing to apply to med school and getting ready for the start of my senior year. I'm also really trying to get better at this baby adulting thing because the life train is coming and it isn't gonna stop any time soon. I'm (kinda) grown. A whole adult. I don't really feel like I have the time or patience to be doing anything that doesn't involve me glowing, growing, or graduating. I know that I've said I'm working on being all about me before, and I meant it when I said it, but it's been hitting differently lately. I still have strides to get to where I want, but I'm really making sure I'm enjoying myself and my life now. I am truly focusing on me and my growth, and I think it shows. Taking care of myself, in all ways, has resurfaced as a priority. For me, real Hot Girl s--t is about being on my grind and having a good time doing it, so that's where you'll find me. I'm here for good time and a long time. There's no reason to feel like you have to choose. This summer has also been different for me because this is the first summer in a while that I haven't been caught up in a dude in any way. I haven't been trying to work through things or make excuses or get over one. I joke all the time, but I haven’t really been pressed about getting one. I still have my moments where I wish I was in a relationship or had that one person that mutually wanted to get to know me, but that's nowhere near where I've been in previous years. It's okay to get lonely, but it's not okay for me to let that determine my actions, especially since that never ends well for me. I had to get real with myself. I know the things that I pray for and what I see for myself, so I just have to wait until the time comes. Among everything else that I have going on, waiting for my person is also part of my process. I have to grow into who I am first before I can expect to come across a man that’s gonna match what I bring to the table and join me in building upon it. After all this time, I feel like I have finally healed from some things. There have been times where I thought I was healing and I later came to find out that I wasn't, so I want to say this. Don't trick yourself into thinking you're healing when you're really just keeping yourself busy or distracted. Give yourself the time to really focus on yourself. And summer's a great time to do it because you can't use school as an excuse. You're worth it, so do what you gotta do. Read some books, start a new devotion, get a good playlist going, get a gym membership. DO SOMETHING. Don't just try to brush over your feelings. You have to get into them so that you can get through them. I've been thinking about writing on that for a while, so it may be coming in the future, but I just wanted to say it while it was on my mind. You can't be a real Hot Girl or Hot Boy if you're not healed first. We all wanna drive the boat, but you've gotta be the captain of your own soul before anything else. That's really all I had to say in this post. I'll be announcing a giveaway in my next post, so subscribe and stay tuned for that. I'm extremely excited and I really hope it's received well. I'm so ready to share it with y'all because I'm all about the boss-up. My boss-up & the boss-up of those connected to me. Be on the lookout. You won't wanna miss it. Just remember, being a Hot Girl doesn't stop when summer ends. It's a mindset. Figure out what it means for you and tap into it. I definitely don't regret it. Hot Girl Brena checking out until next time. ✌🏾 Live life. Be great. Flourish.

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